Heavenly Delights (Uganda) Update

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Bwiren John continues to develop Heavenly Delights in the same region as God Cares Farm. He has been transforming the business from a bakery into more of a restaurant. Please pray that God would bless this growing business and use it to then bless many others in the area. Our desire with Grace Seed is to not only help to start new business endeavors such as Heavenly Delights, but to also support its development over a long period of time. If you have business experience yourself, especially as an entrepreneur, there are many opportunities to...

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Our Summer Intern: Charity Fox

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This summer we have our first intern serving with us at Grace Seed. Charity Fox is a senior at Northland International University studying History with a Spanish minor. After graduating, she is looking to continue her education abroad while studying international affairs. Currently, her home is Lebanon, PA, but she grew up in France where her parents were missionaries for 23 years. When asked why Charity wanted to do this internship, she said that she has always been interested in knowing more about poverty alleviation and relief to the...

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Future Opportunities & End of Year Giving

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Future Opportunities God is on the move all over his world. He is especially at work in the Majority World. Did you know that the little country (size wise) of S. Korea mobilizes more evangelical missionaries than any other country? Are you aware the gospel advances in Latin America and Africa are increasing at a rapid rate, far surpassing that of the United States and Europe? Certainly we need to be faithful and committed to where God has called us, but at the same time, we need to open our eyes to what is really taking place in the name of...

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Calling All Teachers…and Everyone Else for that Matter

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Grace Seed has begun forming a very encouraging partnership with the Millennium Universal College (MUC), which is in the same region of Uganda as God Cares Farm. They currently serve about 500 students who are either orphans or come from peasant families. Their vision by 2017 is to be able to house and educate up to 2,000 young people. What a vision! We believe that we can help them fulfill their vision and reach this goal. Here is how you can help. First, pray. God is delighted to hear us and act on our behalf. Pray that God would provide...

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From Philly to the Farm

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This past July, the children of Grace Bible Church in Philadelphia brought in a lot of pennies (24,800 to be exact) during the nightly VBS in order to buy new chicks for God Cares Farm in Uganda. In turn, we were able to purchase close to 100 chicks along with feed and medicine. Shortly thereafter we were able to hire a full-time laborer at the farm, a young man named Samuel. We also started two smaller enterprises to help cover the ongoing expenses of labor and feed, etc. We have since added a new latrine and completed the fence around the...

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November Update

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It’s been some time since our last update, but that’s not because we haven’t been doing anything. I actually spent most of the summer months overseas. I began by taking my first trip to Zambia, where I spent much time at Lighthouse Christian School and Christ Community Church. I was greatly encouraged at what God is doing there. Then it was on to Uganda, the pearl of Africa. There I was able to spend a great deal of time with Oscar at God Cares Farm as well as with John and Heavenly Delights. I was blessed by my time at the...

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July Update

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Dear Friends & Family, “Sing to God, sing praises to his name; lift up a song to him who rides through the deserts; his name is the LORD; exult before him!” Psalm 68:4 Yes, even the Lord should be worshipped, from the mega cities of the U.S. to the deserts and regions of Africa. Just this week I returned from a 17-day trip to Zambia and Uganda. God showed himself to me time and again in some very tangible ways. Though I wasn’t in a literal desert (contrary to many perceptions) and I wasn’t tormented with sweltering...

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Joan S. Beck Literacy Memorial Fund

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In lieu of flowers, the family has decided to set up a memorial fund in order to honor Joan, our beloved “Momma” and “Meemaw”.  She began her education career the year she and our dad were married, 1964, after earning a B.S. in Elementary Education from Bob Jones University in Greenville, SC. She completed her student teaching at Donaldson ES in Greenville as well.  Joan then taught first grade at Paris ES in Taylors, SC. After moving with her family to Atlanta, she then taught kindergarten for two years at two...

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