How it All Works

A common question we get is “how does this all work?” This is a good and fair question and we would be glad to tell you a bit more. If you have other questions feel free to connect with us through our contact page.
  1. The Grace Seed team travels, networks, and then partners with schools and churches in the Majority world.
  2. A long-term, working relationship is formed to address spiritual and material needs.
  3. The Grace Seed team raises money, networks, prays, and solicits help from young professionals who are able to “donate” their skills and time on behalf of our partner churches and schools.
  4. As our small business and school partners grow and develop, they continue this process in their own regions.
  5. The Grace Seed team continues to partner with these businesses, churches, and schools to increase and sustain their effectiveness.
  6. The Grace Seed team continues to travel, network, and partner with new schools and churches.