Calling All Teachers…and Everyone Else for that Matter

Grace Seed has begun forming a very encouraging partnership with the Millennium Universal College (MUC), which is in the same region of Uganda as God Cares Farm. They currently serve about 500 students who are either orphans or come from peasant families. Their vision by 2017 is to be able to house and educate up to 2,000 young people. What a vision!

We believe that we can help them fulfill their vision and reach this goal. Here is how you can help. First, pray. God is delighted to hear us and act on our behalf. Pray that God would provide and bless this ministry. Second, please give—money is needed to pay teachers, purchase much-needed instructional materials, and build new buildings. Third, consider sponsoring one of their teachers for one year. More details concerning this Teacher Partnership Program will be coming soon. Until then, begin praying about how you can be a part of this incredible vision and opportunity. We will not only need experienced educators to join this partnership, but also those in finance, construction, and so many other areas.