Get Involved

Perhaps the greatest way that you can get involved with us is through your intercessory prayers. Here are just a few specifics that you can take before the throne of grace on our behalf:

  • ask God, the Great-Provider to supply the necessary funds for all of our projects
  • ask God to bless our international partners, whether it be their businesses or schools
  • ask God to use us in skillfully equipping many young people to be the next generation of servants and leaders in their cities and villages
  • pray boldly that God would use us to spread a vision for God’s greatest among the nations where we are partnering
  • cry out to God the Sustainer, that He would multiply our ministry reach to those in greatest need
  • call out to the Father of the fatherless, that He would even use our meager efforts to support and equip orphans
You can give securely to Grace Seed directly through our online giving page. Your donations are tax-deductible.


There are really an endless number of ways that you might partner with what God has called us to do in his name. Here are just a few ideas:

  • Children’s loose change collection for chickens at God Cares Farm (Uganda)
  • Start a pen-pal program with students in you class/school with those in one of our partner schools overseas
  • Help development resources to be used in small business training workshops or teacher professional development sessions
  • Coordinate a resource collection at your place of work (e.g. school supplies)
  • Spread the word about our ministry throughout your social media networks
  • Organize an annual fundraising event on our behalf or even request your friends and family to make a donation in your honor on your birthday in lieu of presents
  • Volunteer your time and expertise to help with any number of ongoing projects, both organizationally or on behalf of any of our international partners
Soon, you will be able to apply for the following: small business loan, small business grant, education scholarship, and Ed.venture trip.

If you are willing and able (and have the time and money), consider traveling to one of our partner sites either as an ambassador of Grace Seed or as part of one of our Ed.venture teams.

Helpful suggestions regarding “Going”

  1. Pray–Ask the Lord to open an opportunity for you to be able to travel internationally.
  2. Save–Start a savings account for the sole purpose of missions work/trips. One of the major hurdles to “going” is not having the funds. If you truly have the desire, then set your priorities in a way that indicates that.
  3. Plan–Another common hurdle to “going” is not having the time. My motto: make the time. Perhaps you can use your family vacation to travel to the mission field. If you travel internationally for business, contact pastors and/or missionaries in advance and seek ways to encourage them as you are able during your trip. The bottom line is that you have to make plans. International travel can be very complicated so the sooner you begin planning the better.