From Philly to the Farm

This past July, the children of Grace Bible Church in Philadelphia brought in a lot of pennies (24,800 to be exact) during the nightly VBS in order to buy new chicks for God Cares Farm in Uganda. In turn, we were able to purchase close to 100 chicks along with feed and medicine. Shortly thereafter we were able to hire a full-time laborer at the farm, a young man named Samuel. We also started two smaller enterprises to help cover the ongoing expenses of labor and feed, etc. We have since added a new latrine and completed the fence around the perimeter of the farm. Advertisements have been made and word is starting to spread about this new place to get eggs and chickens in that region, a testament to God’s grace and provision. Oscar and the rest of our team are thrilled. In the last week, they took our first chickens to a local market. Please pray that they will all sell quickly and that God would bless this business for his glory. Soon, Lord-willing, we will add 1,000 new chicks to the farm. Thank you again children at Grace Bible Church for your love and support.