July Update

Dear Friends & Family,

“Sing to God, sing praises to his name; lift up a song to him who rides through the deserts; his name is the LORD; exult before him!” Psalm 68:4

Yes, even the Lord should be worshipped, from the mega cities of the U.S. to the deserts and regions of Africa. Just this week I returned from a 17-day trip to Zambia and Uganda. God showed himself to me time and again in some very tangible ways. Though I wasn’t in a literal desert (contrary to many perceptions) and I wasn’t tormented with sweltering heat as many of you were here in the States, I did interact with many who find themselves in spiritual deserts—a time of discomfort, poverty, and lack of fruitfulness.

The Psalmist exclaims in the next breath of Psalm 68 that the LORD is indeed the “Father of the fatherless and protector of widows,” the One who can take prisoners and make them prosperous and bring rain to the wilderness.

In short, God is more passionate and compassionate about the orphaned, the fatherless, and the widowed than we ever will be. Yet he uses you and I as instruments in His hands to demonstrate his heart towards those in such situations.

Below you will learn more specifically of my time in both Zambia and Uganda among many orphans and widows as well as some opportunities in the Dominican Republic.

As always, I value your prayers, input, and financial support. This ministry is a direct outworking of those three means combined. Thank you!

Grace and peace,

Bobo Beck

Update from Zambia

I had a very profitable time in Ndola, Zambia June 25-July 3. It was a joy to partner with Christ Community Church, a new church plant led by Pastor Wilbroad Chanda. On Thursday I had the privilege of meeting with six potential entrepreneurs who are part of the church. We talked through such topics as networking, the biblical principles of ownership and imitation, as well as how to take an idea and begin implementation. Please be in prayer for these brothers and sisters as they seek the Lord’s guidance over the weeks and months to come. I was also able to minister the Word both at their Friday, all-night prayer meeting and again during their Sunday morning gathering.

Another great honor during my visit was to spend time at the Lighthouse Christian School. I was able to observe in all 8 classrooms as well as spend time with the teachers, students, and director. On Wednesday, I helped facilitate a professional development session for the teachers and demonstrate some of the instructional aids and materials I was able to bring with me to leave with them. For example, I was able to purchase two new whiteboards for two classrooms as well as $280 worth of resources with funds donated to the Joan Beck Literacy Memorial Fund.

The leaders and staff at Lighthouse have a great desire to continue to add a grade each year, add more students, continue construction of more buildings, and provide a high quality education to their students. Please contact Bobo if you are interested in ways that you can be a part of their vision and development or for more information check out Covenant Mercies’ website at Covenant Mercies.

Update from Uganda

From Zambia, I flew via Nairobi to Uganda (July 3-9). After a brief delay, my new friend and driver Peterson, along with John and Oscar, drove five hours due east to Tororo. The next morning we hit the ground running as I toured the Millennium Universal College (think high school) then purchased materials necessary to begin the fence at God Cares Farm.

Thanks to your generosity, the bulk of the construction is complete at the farm. Going forward, we would love to add a solar kit, a cistern system, the fence, and hundreds of healthy chickens. GCF is not only an effort to help Oscar, a young entrepreneur, but also to establish a base of operations to birth other initiatives in the future, as well as provide for 30 or more orphans there in that village of Pokongo.

During my visit I was also able to spend time with Bwiren John, another one of our young partners who has started Heavenly Delights, a bakery and distribution business there in Tororo. We are currently on a hiatus to reassess the operation, make adjustments to the team, and acquire the necessary capital to formally launch.

On Friday of my stay I spent the day at Millennium Universal College by speaking at a whole-school assembly, meeting with the 25 teachers, and then meeting with the leadership team and other stakeholders. They then took me to their new 4-acre plot across town to see the initial construction as well as help me envision what God can do as they have a goal to reach up to 2000 students in the future. I walked away with a greater sense of urgency to provide a quality, holistic education for young people in the developing world as well as a multi-page “wish list” of all of the educational resources needed for them to carry out their ultimate vision. Stay tuned for future opportunities that develop over the coming months.

Down to the Dom. Republic

Mostly known for its resorts and never-ending beaches, the Dominican Republic is a small country with big needs. Behind the booming tourism and rising middle class, there still remains a great gulf between the “haves” and the “have nots.” Certainly the mission of the Church is not to go around the world trying to turn everyone into the “haves”. However, believers everywhere are called to take opportunity to “do good to everyone, especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Gal.6:10).

Besides a few days of R & R, Bobo will be traveling with his father to encourage Carlos Abreu, pastor/servant of the Iglesia Biblica Bautista Pacto de Gracis (Covenant of Grace Biblical Baptist Church) in Pica Pica, San Cristobal. Bobo will be ministering the Word on Sunday evening, delivering some children’s ministry curriculum purchased with funds from the Joan Beck Literacy Memorial Fund, and discussing possible Grace Seed partnerships. Please be in prayer during this visit.