R.O.O.T.S. Initiative


The apostle Paul states, “…as we have opportunity, let us do good to everyone, and especially to those who are of the household of faith” (Gal 6:10). This is one of the main reasons Grace Seed was started back in 2011. Our desire is to partner with pastors and churches in developing countries in order to start small businesses and schools. For the past four years this has been a grassroots effort. By God’s grace we have been able to be a part of the starting of four new businesses, three of which are in Uganda and one in the Dominican Republic. We are currently in the process of starting several more. These startups, along with our partnerships with multiple schools around the world, have become a reality because of many volunteers and supporters.

Over these past four years we have not placed a big emphasis on raising funds or asking for donations, yet God has faithfully and abundantly blessed. We firmly believe in the power of prayer and in the infinite ability of our God to meet ever need and continue to mobilize us to be a blessing to others around the world. But in recent months we have felt a growing desire to call more of you into the work that we are doing. Instead of organizing a large fundraising campaign, we have decided to ask each of you to play a part. We are asking that each of you consider how you can be a part of our R.O.O.T.S. initiative.

This is our ongoing and intentional effort to raise much-needed awareness on the work that we are doing in a variety of developing countries to alleviate poverty and see more men, women, and young people see their God-given desires for education and/or enterprise come to fruition. This is also an effort to raise more funds in order to facilitate this mission. Here’s what we are looking for:


God has richly blessed us with a plethora of resources, not merely to make us comfortable and content, but for us to leverage in ministry opportunities. We are asking for each of you to consider what kinds of resources you can easily or sacrificially part with in order to directly bless other Christian brother or sister who barely has the basics (Acts 2:45). In terms of resources, think money. Think books and other educational materials. Think sewing machines and computers. Think about tangible things that can immediately make an investment in the life of someone else.


Just because someone is material poor doesn’t been they are dumb. The developing world is filled with young and old alike who are intelligent, creative, and extremely hard working—they simply lack the opportunity to succeed. Many of you have been richly blessed with opportunity after opportunity to succeed in any way that you desire. We are asking each of you to take advantage of this initiative, this opportunity, to be a direct means of creating opportunities for others. You don’t want to get to end of your earthly journey only to find a whole warehouse of opportunities you never took advantage of. Perhaps this is one of those.


We want to avoid just a generic desire to bless or be good to others. We want to be specific. This initiative entails specific people in specific places with specific opportunities. Your involvement can and will have a direct and tangible impact with specific, measureable outcomes. For example, we desire to raise $1,000 to help start of new small business in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic with our brother Johnny. He is a painter and skilled carpenter and desires to start this business to help provide for him and his family as well as to be a greater blessing to his local church. This is a specific outcome. Maybe you can be the one to partner directly with Johnny.


You and I only have one shot at this thing called life. We each have the same number of hours in a given day. Our lives are made up of years, which consist of months and weeks and days. The time that we have been granted is perhaps the most precious commodity we steward and the most valuable asset with can grant to someone else. How do you use your time? What portion of your days and weeks and months is devoted to serving others, especially other believers? We are asking that each of you first of all consider how you are counting the days and making your days count (Ps.90:12). Additionally, we are asking that you consider giving of your time to volunteer in specific ways and to build a long-term relationship with a brother or sister in a developing country.


Each of us has certain abilities to do stuff and to do it well. These may be actual spiritual gifts or even specialized skills you’ve developed through education and work-related training. Each and every skill that you current possess can be utilized in mission as a means of reflecting God’s greatness and as a means of serving others. Grace Seed has employed several graphic designers, teachers, consultants, entrepreneurs, researchers, accountants, investors, etc. Each of these roles includes a variety of specific skills and abilities. What are you skilled at? Are you using those skills for the sake of the gospel mission our Savior has called us to? This initiative is a platform for you to do just that.

In light of these highlights we are asking that each of you consider how you can partner with us as we are partnering with churches in developing countries. We are currently serving in Uganda, Zambia, Bolivia, Haiti, and the Dominican Republic. We would love for you to join us.

Next Steps:

  1. Seriously consider each component of this R.O.O.T.S. Initiative.
  2. Pray about how you should respond.
  3. Obey. Don’t wait for everything to fall into place. You will most likely never take action. Rather, be proactive and contact us right away to take your first step in getting involved.
  4. Plan and organize an initiative of your own. We can help you get set up. Consider using your own immediate network as a means to create awareness of the work of Grace Seed and as a means of raising more funds.
  5. Utilize our website for more information and for a link for online donations.
  6. Pray for God to bless your initiative.
  7. Recruit others to help you, whether with Grace Seed or another ministry.
  8. Go. Consider taking the time to actually travel to one of our partner locations to see and learn for yourself.

Thank you for taking the time to work through this description. We are here to serve you in these ways of seeing God free you to serve others around the world in this way.

Suggested Opportunities:

  1. $1,000 to help start a new carpentry/painting business in San Cristobal, Dominican Republic.
  2. $1,000 to help a sister expand her bakery business in La Paz, Bolivia.
  3. $5,000 to help replace all of the bedding at the Casa de Esperanza orphanage in Caranavi, Bolivia.
  4. $3,000 to help replace the flooring in one of the children’s homes at the Casa de Esperanza orphanage in Caranavi, Bolivia. They have 7 such homes.
  5. $10,000 to help develop a small business training center as part of Christ Community Church in Ndola, Zambia.