Mission & Vision

Our Mission

Partnering with churches and schools in the Majority World (Africa, Asia, Latin America) through sustainable enterprise and educational development in an effort to alleviate poverty.


Our Vision

Around the world there are millions of hardworking, creative men and women trapped in poverty because they have no access to financial assistance or educational opportunities. Our desire is to leverage resources to such men and women who in most cases have no credit history, collateral, or access to traditional lending services.

Our approach is holistic and relational. As we work with them to start their businesses, we see them earning money to care for themselves and their families, continuing in their education, saving for the future, and assisting others in their local community to go through the same process.

The Grace Seed team will also provide ongoing training to further equip our partners in growing and sustaining their businesses. Part of our vision is to also facilitate individuals from the U.S. who have certain specialties or experiences to travel to our partner sites in order to conduct practical workshops and site visits to see firsthand the businesses that are being supported.

We also see our ministry being involved in educational initiatives in areas that have been generally underdeveloped when it comes to traditional schooling opportunities (e.g. slums, rural areas). We will help to coordinate and facilitate school site consultations as well as teacher training sessions. Additionally, we desire to provide merit-based scholarships as a viable means to increase the knowledge and experiential capacities of qualified young people, who otherwise would not be able to afford to attend or remain in school.